Pisa : Great half-day trip from Florence

Got a really good Pesto-mozarella sandwich at one of the stalls at the Mercato Centrale, Cantuccini at one of the specialty cantuccini shops. The journey was quite good, the walk to the tower from the station wasn’t bad and there was a Christmas market on the way.

The Pisa Complex was excellent, the white marble, and the green lawns made a good combination. The battistero’s a very attractive building, and so is the cathedral’s façade. I didn’t go inside,  just checked out the cathedral, walked around the complex and walked back to the station, took a train to go back. The return journey took a long while, the train took a longer route to get back to Florence.

On returning I checked into Hotel Montreal, went for dinner to Ristorante Caffagi, the Ravioli and Risotto I had were really good, and so were the desserts. Took a long stroll along the river and ended the day.

Leaning Tower of Pisa with the Cathedral

Leaning Tower of Pisa with the Cathedral

Pisa Battistero

Pisa Battistero


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