The clear weather I saw in Munich unfortunately did not last long, Berchtesgaden had turned grey by the time I reached. So the plan to Jennerbahn was obviously cancelled. Instead I took the boat ride through the Konigsee, which wasn’t bad at all. But the Obersee was the star attraction. The reflections were the kind I had never seen before. The onion dome too was a great photoop. Back at Berchtesgaden, I went to the Hubertus Stuben restaurant expecting fab food, bu turns out they serve only dinner. Back in Salzburg I went a pastry eating spree trying pastries from various(3) shops, Fingerlos and the Italian place next to it were great. Evening was for relaxation at the hostel watching The Sound of Music.

So ended my 5 day stay in Salzburg, quite varied and a little hectic, but it was a good base to explore the entire region.

The onion dome church, Berchtesgaden.

The onion dome church, Berchtesgaden.





5 thoughts on “Berchtesgaden

  1. hi. planning a trip to Germany-Austria Alps. have been to hallstat on a daily trip from Salzburg a few years ago. never been to Bavaria Apls-Berchtesgaden. plan to drive on the German alpine road FROM fussen to Berchtesgaden. thave 2 days and 2 nights to spend in the area. between Berchtesgaden, Gosausee and Alpbach. any recommendations? pristine natural beauty and comfortable driving are taken criteria.

  2. Hey
    it is really intereting to read your blog and all the photos are so amazing….want to visit all the places you have been…me and my husband are visiting central euroupe in mid september….we are in Salzburg for 3 days….now after reading your blog it seems we are staying for very less time…thought cn you help me decide what all should I do in those 3 days…and we are using public transport
    .Gosasee seems very interesting
    halsttat is a must do for me…should i do ice caves or salt mine …or both is possible in one day
    Berchstesgaden and eagles nest is also a very interesting place
    Also if I select two day tours, is one day for Salzburg enough????

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