I went to Jordan in March 2014 for about 9 days. Here’s my Jordan Itinerary:

Amman: Half a day.

Jerash and Ajloun: A day trip from Amman using public bus.

Petra: 4 days including getting to Petra and a small trip to Shobak Castle. Spent time hiking around Petra.

Wadi Rum: 3 days

Madaba: 1 day, with a small trip to Mukawir.

Shobak Castle: A brilliant crusader castle located close to Petra. READ MORE-> 

Costs in Jordan: READ MORE->

Hiking in Petra: READ MORE->

Hiking in the Wadi Rum: READ MORE->

Food in Jordan,especially as a vegetarian READ MORE->

A brief Introduction to Jordan. READ MORE-> A very quick look. For more pictures and details you can look below.


Amman Amphitheater

Amman Not the most exciting capitals, but definitely worth a stopover while going to Petra. Also great for daytrips to Jerash, Ajloun and Umm Qais.  READ MORE->                                                                                                                                                                       

Jerash and Ajloun

Jerash, a beautifully preserved Roman City, often called as Pompeii of the East. Ajloun, a nice Anti-Crusader Islamic castle located in typical Mediterranean background. READ MORE->

The Oval Plaza, Jerash

The Oval Plaza, Jerash

Petra The reason why everyone comes to Jordan. One of the New Seven Wonders. Beautiful, nature too has been liberal with Petra. And the place in the last Indiana Jones movie. READ MORE->

The Monastery, Petra

The Monastery, Petra

Wadi Rum A beautiful rocky + sandy desert, with arches, canyons, springs, highlands, sand dunes, ample opportunities for trekking and camping.  In the spring the desert gets insanely beautiful. READ MORE->

Sunset in Wadi Rum

Sunset in Wadi Rum

 Madaba and Mukawir: Madaba, an Arab Christian town, with nice churces, the famous Jerusalem mosaic map is a good place to stay for a day. Closeby, Mukawir is  gorgeous hilltop Fortress(now mostly destroyed), but has excellent views over the Dead Sea and the surrounding areas. READ MORE->

Mukawir overlooking the Dead Sea

Mukawir overlooking the Dead Sea

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