Travelling costs in Jordan

Jordan is no cheap country!! Expenses in places like Petra can be a little close to prices in Western Europe. But Amman, Jerash, Madaba are fairly cheap, because they aren’t tourist town. Camping in the Wadi Rum can get a little expensive, because you are making use of a guide, a 4*4, staying in a camp, plus it’s a desert with little resources. Taxis are ofcourse expensive, and at times, that’s the only way to commute, because public transport doesn’t exist.

Exchange rate: 708 JD for 1000 $, at a Western Union place. Similar everywhere else in the country.  1 JD is around 90 INR.

All in all I spent around 100$ a day, which includes the Wadi Rum stay,a little shopping.

So here are costs(as of March 2014)


Shuttle from airport to Tabarbour station: 3.5 JD

Tabarbour to Downtown taxi : 4.5 JD(negotiable,the taxi guy starts from 10)

Cliff Hotel, bed in a dorm: 5 JD

Meal at Hashem Restaurant for 1:around 2 JD, 2.5 if you order something fancy

A dessert plate at Al-Quds: around 1-1.2 JD

Shared taxi to Tabarbour station: 0.5 JD

Taxi to Petra bus station: 4 JD, but one could bring it down a little I guess.

Jebel Amman costs 1 JD I think, I got in through a short cut(a local sowed me the way, he insisted that I shouldn’t pay the money).


Bus to Ajloun: 1.2 JD or so

Taxi to the castle and back: 3 JD

Castle entry: 1 JD or so

Bus from Jerash to Ajloun: 1 JD or so, maybe less.

Meal at Jerash Rest house: 6 JD for bread and salads(10 JD for a meat buffet), 3 JD for a mint lemonade.

Jerash entry: 8 JD

Shared Taxi back : 3 JD


Getting to Petra by public bus: 7 JD, another 7 JD if you have a lot of luggage, so take a JETT bus, which costs 10 JD.

Petra entry: 60 JD for a 3 day pass.

Petra by night: 12 JD

Buffet at Valentine Inn: 5 JD

Buffet at most other places: 10-12 JD

Taxi to Shobak castle and back: 30 JD

Taxi to Petra from hotel: 2 JD, insist on 2 JD.

Bus to Wadi Rum: 7 JD

Dorm bed at Valentine Inn: 4 JD

Meal at the restaurant in Petra: 10 JD for a good buffet

Wadi Rum

190 Jd for a 3 day tour,with 2 hikes,meals, stay at camp, guide.


All Madaba attractions cost around 3-4 JD total.

Meal at Haret Jdouna: 15 JD(I actually ordered for 2 people).

Dorm bed at Queen Ayola Homestay: 5.5 JD

Taxi to Mukawir and further to the airport: 40 JD

A falafel roll: not even 0,5 JD













3 thoughts on “Travelling costs in Jordan

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  2. Hello..we are planning for jordan February 2018.. And we wud like to cover Dead sea too..can you suggest some budget travel to Dead sea from Amman and after spending 2-3 hrs to Petra

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