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Hi, Welcome to my page. I’ve been wanting to write a blog since ages, never got myself to write one. Now it’s finally there. Most of it is going to be about my travels and my cooking adventures. Hope you enjoy it.

I began traveling solo at the age of 18, when I realized I could not depend on my family and friends to accompany me to ALL the places I wanted to go to. As a student I traveled across various regions in India, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and even Ladakh. When I began working in 2011, I was bitten by the “bug” of international travel, and so began searching for a “perfect” country for the “big trip”. As a lover of History,architecture and landscapes, I shortlisted Turkey. It turned out to be a pretty amazing trip, exceeding my expectations. Soon after this came Central Europe( Austria and Czech Republic), and Jordan. Currently I am studying in the United States, traveling continues, I was lucky enough to get to Hawaii(Maui).

Favorite places so far:








So hope you guys enjoy reading my blog. And hope I get to travel a lot!!


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  1. Wanted advice re planning a trip to Turkey. If its ok with you can i email you? We are 6 adults, 4 teenage kids and a 4 yr old. If you email me, i can write to you with what we have planned and would be great if you cd give inputs. I came across your blog on tripadvisor. In fact i will also write on tripadvisor.

  2. Hello Aswin,

    My wife and I read your blog(s) with great interest. They are very enjoyable and comprehensive. Your photos (especially in low light) are very good as well.

    We have a question regarding your guided PMD tour from Selcuk. I’ve sent you an Email to your Gmail address given above. I hope that is all right.

    Best regards and keep up the good work!

  3. Hello Ashwin, I guess we are bitten by the so called ‘Bug’ to travel! I have a good time going through your posts and I hope to read more of your adventures. Keep the coming 🙂

  4. We are planning to go to turkey next week. I stumbled on your blog while browsing. I am from indore and based on your post about indore instantly fell in love with your writing :). Thank you for all the recommendation in turkey will use them.

  5. Hai Ashwin thanks for your feedbacks over the places you visited. I have planned to visit Hampi could you furnish me any contact number of a Guide in Hampi. Further, doubt over the location over the birth place of lord Hanuman. Whether it is in Karnataka or in Maharastra .

  6. Hi Ashwin, Could you share a little about the camera you use? It has a good sharp lens and a telephoto I suspect. We are going to Italy next week so I have to act fast. I was planning to bring my point and shoot and my beautiful but small Leica which is sharp but has a limited range.

    By he way, your photos are gorgeous!

    • Hi Deborah, thanks a lot! I have a Nikon d610 with its tool kit lens and a tokina 16-28 mm atx pro FX wide angle lens. All the best with your trip, a wide angle lens is great for shooting indoors of buildings.

  7. Hi Ashwin – Thanks for putting together the detailed travelogue and sharing the great images you have captured. Seeking your help in trying to decide on a 1 week trip I’m trying to plan towards the end of this month (Mar’16). Georgia seems interesting, but am wondering if there are other options that I could look at considering the time at hand / budget / trip duration / etc. I intend to travel with two teenage kids. Much appreciate your help.

  8. Hi aswin,
    planning to hit turkey on Mid May.Would like to now the average cost in Euro per day including travelling.Would like to catch up with Istanbul,Cappadocia,and if possible Anatolia.Hey one thing when you are so interested in History ,you should go to Greece I went last year .Athens Sparta,Mystras,Corinths and Thesaasoliniki.



  9. Hi Ashwin

    I am planning a trip to turkey next week for 10 days excluding travelling days. Luckily I came across your blog and loved reading. It’s so much informative and you have captured spectacular views. I need bit of suggestion from you if I have to opt one place between cappadocia and izmir(Ephesus, sirince, aphrodisias and pamukkale). Which one I should opt. I don’t want to rush and would like to cover any one along with istanbul. Your inputs will be extremely helpful.

  10. Hey , Your trip looks amazing.

    I am planning a 8 days solo in turkey as well. I would like to ask you some questions regarding your trip. Especially on transportation. Looking forward to your reply.

  11. Hey

    I love your page. Keep up the good work!

    Can you please complete your Georgia’s itinerary? I am planning for my trip to Georgia and loved your itinerary so I think I will use it. But I got disappointed when I found it stopped at day 2. Please let me know if you can complete it or no?

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